LED lighting has been one of the recent technological advancements that have so many benefits. They allow businesses and individuals to reduce energy costs, they can be shaded and manipulated to create beautiful light displays, and perhaps best of all, the environmental impact of LED is drastically lower than traditional lighting technology. Their benefits can come directly from the bulbs themselves, or as a by-product of their use.

Direct benefits

LED lights use less energy to operate – The cheapest LED bulbs on the market today use 20 – 60% less energy than their equivalent incandescent or fluorescent bulbs. More efficient use means less energy needed to power them which translates to a smaller carbon footprint.

Less energy means less heat – LED has a high electricity to light conversion efficiency which means less heat is generated and lost to the environment.

LED lighting lasts longer than traditional light bulbs – The average lifespan for an incandescent light bulb is about a year. Compare that to 10 to 15 years for an equivalent LED bulb and it is easy to see how less waste will impact the environment.

LED lights have no harmful chemicals – Fluorescent lights can contain mercury, which seeps into the groundwater from landfills and pollutes our rivers and streams.

Cleaner manufacturing processes – LED lighting does not possess any harmful chemicals or substances and the manufacturing process is cleaner and safer than traditional lighting.

LED lights are safer to use – Manufactured with advanced solid-state technology, LED lighting is more durable and resistant to harsh weather conditions and extreme environments making them perfect outdoor lighting solutions. Also, they are made from plastic, not glass which can cause a hazard when broken or dropped.

Indirect benefits

Lower light pollution – The light from an LED source is easier to direct and focus on a particular task, which less light is scattered to the environment.

Less noise pollution – Have you ever turned on a row of fluorescent lights and the air is filled with a persistent humming or buzzing sound? LED’s are designed in such a way that they are completely sealed and operate without any vibration or noise.

Easy to recycle – Previously, certain light bulbs had to be disposed of separate from most household garbage.  In fact, most recycling centers wouldn’t accept them as the cost to recycle and dispose of them was too great.  LEDs are safe to dispose of in your recycling.

They enhance the growth of plants – Traditional bulbs increase air temperature while LED does not.  In fact, the light color of LED’s is controllable which can be beneficial for certain plants.

When you replace your lighting with LED technology, you are not only saving yourself a bundle on your utility bills, but you are helping the environment as well. Call Energeia Consulting today to find out more about how LED lighting can completely transform your home or business.