Businesses everywhere are finding that LED lighting is an important tool to reducing energy use, promoting environmentally friendly practices, and drastically reducing the cost associated with keeping the lights on. But if reduced energy costs are not enough to motivate you to change all the light bulbs in the building, here are the eight huge benefits of LED lighting.

  1.  LED lights are more energy efficient than traditional lighting – A light emitting diode (or LED) is a solid-state device that converts electricity to light where traditional lighting heats up a metal filament or gas in the bulb to create light.  This process is so energy efficient, that LED bulbs can use up to 80 percent less energy than other forms of lighting.
  2.  LED bulbs last much longer – In the lighting industry, you truly get what you pay for. The typical, 60-watt incandescent light bulb, at $1.50 per bulb, will last an average of 9 months. A comparable LED light bulb may initially cost $5-10, but its average lifespan is 25 times longer or more depending on its usage. This drastically reduces replacement costs.
  3. Less energy is lost as heat – Since LED lights do not produce light through heat, they use energy far more efficiently, generating 75% less heat. They are warm, but not dangerous to touch, even after being on for hours.
  4. LED lights are more versatile – LEDs are more compact, available in a wide range of colors, able to be focused, resistant to breakage, and easy to maintain than traditional lighting. This makes them a superior choice for decorative lighting, signage, and display cases.
  5. LED lighting produces better quality light – Fluorescent lights are infamous for the harsh, almost purple lighting they produce while incandescent bulbs tend to dim and brown over time. LED bulbs produce the same quality light every time. And the color temperature of LED lighting is adjustable making it appropriate for any business or social situation.
  6. LED lighting is recyclable – A few decades ago, the lighting industry introduced CFL lighting as an alternative to incandescent bulbs. These proved to be durable and longer lasting but they also contained mercury which is a dangerous substance for the environment. This meant they needed to be specially recycled and not disposed of in the regular trash. LED bulbs contain no toxic materials and completely safe to dispose in normal household garbage.
  7. LED’s are quiet – Have you ever turned on a room full of fluorescent lights only to have one of two bulbs create a loud and noticeable buzzing sound? This is caused by the ballast in each light that is designed to keep the electrical currents in the bulb in check. LED lights use far less electricity, don’t need a ballast, and therefore are much quieter to operate.
  8. LED lighting produces no emissions – LED lamps produce only small amounts of infrared light and almost no UV emissions. This makes them ideal to use around materials that are sensitive to infrared and UV rays.

LED lighting provides many cost-saving benefits for businesses like yours for very little investment. Call Energeia Consulting today to find out more about how a complete LED retrofit will benefit your business.