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In July 2017, we worked with a company that utilized incandescent bulbs for their showroom. After an audit to see if LEDs would be a good fit for them, we found that with the switch to LEDs, they could save $447.06 a month! That adds up to over $5,364 a year! With the investment of LEDs through Energeia, their projected return on investment would be at 135%.



Warehouses are notorious for having high electricity bills. Between the time the lights go on to when employees finish working for the day, there is a lot of square footage to keep lit. When a warehouse client contacted us to see if LEDs would be a good option for them, we discovered that in just a little over two years, this business would pay off their LED retrofit and see a 173% return on investment in five years.


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Dairy Farm

In September 2016, a local dairy farm asked us to see how an LED lighting structure could impact their bottom line. After researching their facilities, we found that we could more than half the amount they were spending monthly on lighting! Over five years, their projected return on investment is 263%!


Large Manufacturer

Manufacturing companies that run 24/7 use massive amounts of energy, and one company asked us to help them implement LED technology to save some money. With a monthly energy bill of over $4,500, we knew Energeia could help them. With our audit, we found that in just a little over half a year, their LED retrofitting project would be paid for and over five years they would be $175,000 in positive cash flow. That’s money that can be invested back into the company for improving other aspects of work!



Did you know that changing the lighting to LEDs in school has been found to help students concentrate better?  Our LEDs do not flicker since there is no ballast. Teachers also report less fatigue and headaches caused by poor lighting. One area school asked for us to help them lower their energy bills. We saved them almost 50% of what they were paying monthly, and since we were able to offer 1/3 of the cost of the project back in rebates, we were able to offset the cost of the installation as well!