Parking lots have lots of fixtures and it can be expensive to keep them all lit, especially if they need to be on overnight, for a car dealership or shopping center. A poorly lit parking lot is bad for business in several ways. Inadequate coverage leaves dark spots which encourages a criminal element, meaning poorly lit parking lots can make employees and customers feel unsafe as they walk from the building to their cars. Inadequate lighting can contribute to accidents in your lot and may make you liable to litigation. A poorly lit parking lot does a poor job of making your parking lot a warm, welcoming place at night which hurts your business’s curb appeal and may make a customer think twice about stopping there.

Lower operating costs

And then there is the cost. If your parking lot was built a decade or two ago it most likely had metal halide or fluorescent lights installed. Compared to LED lighting, these types of lights use a ballast and gas method of illumination and for the most part are terribly inefficient. Even with a higher initial investment, LED lighting offers a better total ROI because LED’s last 25 times longer than traditional lighting sources and run 75% more efficiently.

Better pole placement

LED lighting is brighter and can be tailored to specific spaces. This means you can cover more areas and achieve the same results with fewer fixtures. This means a total LED retrofit can even reduce the number of poles in your lot. And even though LED lights are energy savers, the fewer poles you need for your lot, the more space you have, the more accessible your parking lot will be.

LEDs are perfect for parking lots

Halogen, metal halide, and fluorescent lighting needs a considerable warm-up time before they operate.  LED’s come on almost instantly. They are durable in extreme heat, or cold and suffer no degradation of operation. LED’s are also good for the environment as they produce no carbon emissions, UV or infrared radiation, or excess heat.

Better control

LED lights are fully controllable and when paired with automated controls, can be dimmed to match ambient light. This eliminated lights coming on too quickly during dusk or dawn hours or remaining on during the day when they are not needed.

Whether your parking lot has 5 lights or 500, Energeia Consulting should be your go-to source for all your commercial or industrial parking lot needs. LED technology is rapidly improving, costs are decreasing, technology is becoming more reliable and effective and now is the perfect time to retrofit your parking lot and safety lighting on your property. Call Energeia Consulting today for a free consultation. Our experts have managed partial and total LEd lighting retrofits for dozens of our customers and we would be happy to conduct a free, no obligation study of your lot and your energy expenses so you can see exactly how a LED retrofit will help your company save money in the long run.