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To a business owner, there are few things better than saving money. The right business decision can make costs fall off the income statement, and this can feel as good as landing a huge sale or climbing profits.

Upgrading from traditional lighting to LED lighting systems can have that effect, but there is a wide range of benefits that quality LEDs can bring to your business.

Long life – An LED bulb, managed properly, can give you up to 22 years of service while the same incandescent bulb that’s subject to the same usage will be lucky to work for only one year. It doesn’t take a business genius to decide if it is cheaper in the long run to buy one bulb for $15 or 22 bulbs for $2.

Durability – Modern LED light bulbs are shock, vibration, and impact resistant which makes them an ideal choice for manufacturing buildings. They work equally well as lighting sources in hot or cold environments and are cool to the touch, making them safer than other lighting products.

Smart lighting – Your LED lighting can integrate into a larger energy efficiency system that is either automated or controlled remotely. This gives you greater flexibility on when and where your lighting is on. Also, your smart system will be able to measure the power use of your LED lights much more accurately then if you used incandescent lighting.

Color – LED lighting gives you the ability to use color to significant effect, and this is especially effective for outdoor lighting or landscape lighting. The range of color temperatures can also be customized to help you achieve the result you want.

Environmentally safe – LED lighting systems have no toxic components and businesses can reduce carbon emissions by a third when they do a complete retrofit. LED lamps also have zero UV emissions which are ideal for uses around materials that are sensitive to heat.

LED lighting is so much more than an energy saver. Energeia can help you assess your current lighting use and give you a plan for a partial or complete LED retrofit. Call us today!