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Without industry knowledge, shopping for LED Tube Lights can be like trying to find an unfamiliar tool in the hardware store.  With so many LED linear tube options available on the market, it helps to have a professional on your side to put things into laymen’s terms and help you along the way. So, we’ve created the following buyer’s guide to lend a hand to the unfamiliar Energeia customer.

What are LED T5, T8, and T12 Retrofits?

Upgrading your fluorescent tubes with LED retrofits is a straightforward process, as LED tubes run in the same sizes as existing fluorescents: T5, T8, and T12.  The “T” indicates that they are “tubular shaped,” and the number that follows denotes their diameter. The diameter is measured in eighths.


These are 5/8” in diameter.  They’re traditionally used in factories and laboratories where light is concentrated for work. T5 LED Tubes emit a high output of light and are equal to a 54-watt fluorescent.


These are 1” in diameter (8/8”).  T8 LED Tubes typically use 35 watts between the tube and ballast.


These are 1 ½” in diameter (12/8”). They traditionally use close to 100 watts of power between the tube and the ballast.  They are brighter per watt and last for a lengthy period of time.

What are Par 30-38 Retrofits?

Par 30-38 retrofits are typically used in landscape and outdoor applications due to their high-level of light distribution. Par 30s are 3 ¾ inches (30/8”) in diameter, while Par 38s are an inch longer at 4 ¾ (38/8”) in diameter.

Ready to start your LED Project?

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