For a business owner, there are few things worse than paying money for nothing.

There is no reason a misapplied utility rate code should cost you a single penny. And this is why you need a utility audit to look at all aspects of your utility bills and find all errors and overcharges.

Here are some things you should keep in mind when choosing a company to perform a utility bill audit:

Expertise – When you select an auditor you want a company that has been around awhile. Experience is key, but you also want them to be completely up to date on code and rate changes for different utilities. A competent utility auditor should be able to identify all errors and overcharges on your utility bill and make sure you get a refund for money already spent and that you are being charged correctly in the future.

Aggressive negotiation – Not all utility companies are the same. Some can be an impenetrable labyrinth of bureaucracy and red-tape. Some of this is by design, but a good utility audit company will be able to follow your claim from start to finish without getting lost.

Utility cost reduction – The audit process is far more than finding money that is owed to you.  The real icing on the cake that a good utility bill auditor will portray is making sure these billing errors don’t continue to take money out of your pocket.

Results – Don’t be afraid to ask a utility audit company for proof of past successes. A superficial audit may find savings of a dollar or two, but superior audits get granular and look at inequities in every possible transaction.

No risk – If a utility audit company asks you for money upfront, the first thing you should do is head out the door. The bottom line is with a utility audit, there should be absolutely no upfront cost. Any fees they earn should come out of a client’s savings. And if no savings are found the service should be free.

Finding a competent utility audit company to identify and correct errors on your utility bills sounds like a simple task. However, you should really do your homework and find a trusted company with the longevity and proven results necessary to make sure you get the maximum possible utility refund and that errors don’t inflate your future utility expenses.

This site is a good start.  Take a look around at our services and our values. You’ll find that Energeia Consulting is an excellent choice. Call us today for a free consultation!