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Your utilities should never be thought of as a “set it and forget it” expense. Periodic commercial natural gas evaluations are an easy way to discover how you can take control of your energy costs, become more energy efficient, reduce your long-term costs, and potentially receive a rebate if your rates were charged incorrectly. Even a slight reduction in monthly costs can have significant and material benefits for small and medium businesses, schools, churches, apartment complexes, and many other organizations.

Why do a natural gas audit?

Reduce your operating overhead – When you save money on operating costs, you have more funding to invest in your core business. If you’ve been charged the wrong rate, Energeia can negotiate a rebate on your behalf.

Take advantage of new technology – Water heaters, boiler systems, space-heating systems, and other natural gas equipment have options for higher efficiency operation. In the long run, older, inefficient equipment may be cheaper to replace than allowing them to operate inefficiently.

How it works:

  1. Analyze current and historical energy use – Each building and facility is different, and natural gas suppliers’ rates are applied differently according to your business type, usage, and other factors. A professional natural gas energy audit will investigate your usage against the rate your natural gas supplier charged for the use. Our energy auditor will look at total cost, total consumption, per unit cost and consumption, meter readings, peak demands, and other factors to make sure you are being charged accurately.
  2. Inspect your building – The next step is to thoroughly inspect your HVAC units, gas controls, and other gas equipment. We will assess how much useful life is left, if it is being operated properly, and any safety deficiencies.
  3. Provide a detailed written report – We will explain your energy usage and gas consumption and where your system is the most inefficient. Any opportunities for natural gas energy savings will be accounted for, such as equipment upgrades and replacements as well as the estimated payback time and potential rebates available for each improvement. Most importantly, we will describe any errors in your utility bills and any probable refunds owed to your organization.

Call Energeia!

Energy efficiency adds up to immediate and long-term savings for your business, and the only way you can know how much your business can save is through a thorough natural gas energy audit. We can help you make sense of your energy bills, connect you with energy efficiency programs and incentives to reduce the cost of upgrades, and help you find solutions for your energy needs. Call us today to find out how Energeia can make you more energy efficient, lower your utility bills, and position you for long-term positive cash flow.