Typically, your utility bills are an afterthought.  They may be a basic expense of being open for business, but once you have set up your building with the utility company, it is filed under a list of uncontrollable expenses.  And if you are like most business owners, more pressing issues take the forefront and your utility bills are a worry for your bookkeeper.

But take a closer look, and you may see that your utility costs are one that you have more control over then you previously thought. Utility bills for an average office building represent a significant proportion of overhead costs.  And as inflation and the cost of energy increases, your bills suddenly become more important.

Unavoidable or not, there are a number of things you can do to take control of these costs, make them measurable, and therefore more manageable for your company.

Step 1 – Hire a reputable utility bill auditing company to review your energy bills.

When you set up your utilities, your company was categorized into a certain utility bill rate. This rate depends on usage and several other factors, but the issue is the rate may not be correct for your business. The responsibility for detecting these errors lies with the consumer as the utility company doesn’t typically have the resources to dedicate to making sure your rates are correct. This is where a trained utility auditor like Energeia Consulting can provide some real value.  Not only can they make sure that your company is being charged the correct rate, but they can even secure a refund if you are due one.  This service is free of charge.

If Energeia finds nothing, then you pay nothing and are left with the peace of mind that your rates are correct. If you are being charged the wrong rate, we will negotiate with the utility company to reduce your rate for the next billing cycle. We handle any paperwork or hassle to get you every penny you are owed.  Rarely in business do you ever come across a true win-win situation, but when you audit your utility bills with Energeia, your business can only benefit.

Step 2 – Streamline your payment process.

Once you are assured of the correct rate, review your payment process to make sure you aren’t being charged any late fees.  You may have confidence in your accounts payable process, but it can’t hurt to review the process and see how it can be better implemented.

Step 3 – Look for ways to reduce your energy usage.

Not only can Energeia Consulting lock down your utility bills but we can also suggest ways to reduce how much energy your business uses every day. Technology has come a long way since the light bulb was invented. Even Edison would be impressed at how much more efficient today’s LED technology and smart controls at reducing the amount of electricity it takes to light and cool a building.

Call Energeia today for a free consultation and take the mystery out of your utility bills once and for all.