One of the best things you can do for your business is to take a close look at the money you spend on electricity each month. When you make cuts in other expense categories such as labor, materials, or purchasing, you might reach your goals of cost reduction, but you endanger the quality of your product. This leads to increased customer complaints, lower ratings on social media, and an overall sense among your customers that your business is struggling.

But one area where you can reduce your spending and not impact your product is your energy bills. With a modest initial investment and a thorough utility bill audit, you can drastically reduce how much you pay for energy each month. Consider these energy saving solutions for your business:

Install LED lighting

Have you ever stopped to think about how many lights are in your business? You need bright lights for your parking lot and outdoor areas for safety at night. Ambient light in the building so your customers, employees, and guests can see your products and work safely. Decorative lighting and signage to provide a cheerful environment and make your business pleasant to visit. Safety lighting in case of emergencies. Having these lights on all the time costs a lot of money in energy costs, not to mention that fluorescent and incandescent lights burn out and break requiring replacement.

Recent advances on LED lighting has made it more cost effective than ever to replace your traditional bulbs. The energy efficiency of LED light bulbs means they need less energy to produce the same amount of light which translates to significant savings over time. Also, the LED light bulb can operate for 10-15 years without replacement. Compared to an average of 9 months for an incandescent light bulb and you can see how you will save money with replacement costs.

LED lighting is a popular way for businesses to provide the welcoming light their business needs while also reducing the burden on their electricity bill. Energeia has helped hundreds of clients reduce their monthly energy costs by converting to LED lighting.

Consider a free utility bill audit

Are you being charged the right rate for your electricity? When you start an account with your electrical provider, you are charged a certain rate for your use. The issue is that this rate is different for different businesses, and when electricity is used at certain times of the day. But what happens when this is wrong? The responsibility for making sure this rate is correct lies with the consumer, not the electric company. If you do find you are being overcharged, you may be entitled to a refund from the company.

But this is a time-consuming process, energy bills and rates are complicated and difficult to translate into plain English, and your business isn’t to audit your utility bills.  This is why there are companies like Energeia that will take the time to review your energy bills and assess whether or not they are correct. If a discrepancy is found, Energeia will work with your utility company to get a refund for what you were overcharged and make sure you are being charged the correct rate going forward.


A utility bill audit from Energeia is completely free. If no errors are found, we don’t charge a penny. We only get paid when, and if, an error is found. Call us today, for a no-risk consultation and see if Energeia Consulting can save you money on your utility bills.