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Energeia Consulting will work to get you the maximum benefits or any available energy-saving improvements. As a trade ally of two major Michigan utilities, we understand what it takes to get rebates processed as quickly as possible. We will handle all paperwork, planning, and communication with your utility company. The result is a common-sense, hassle-free, cost-cutting efficiency solution for your business.

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Tax Rebates Will Save You Even More Money

When you buy property for business use, the tax code allows you deductions for using them. These deductions come in the form of depreciation or in other words, the expense incurred when an asset like machinery or building improvements loses value through use over a period of time. Section 179 of the IRS Code was enacted to allow small businesses to take their depreciation deduction in one year, rather than spreading them out over some years. Building improvements can be depreciated in the year they are completed which results in considerable tax savings. When you take in to account these incentives as well as the built-in advantage of safe, more efficient lighting, it’s easy to see the financial benefits of a cost-reducing energy efficiency plan. Energeia will help you find these qualifying improvements and make sure you take advantage of the maximum tax benefit.