See how LEDs can help your business have a positive environmental impact.

Environmental Impact of LEDs

LED lighting isn’t the best because it can save you money, it’s the best because they save you money AND are environmentally friendly. Since LEDs are over 80% more efficient than regular lights, you will save money and the environmental impact of a less productive light. Wasted energy and heat from traditional bulbs demand extra power from plants and increase greenhouse gas emissions. There are plenty of other benefits to LEDs;

  • No Toxic Elements – Fluorescent strip lights, like those used in office buildings, contain mercury. Disposal must be taken care of carefully as to not pollute drinking water and cause health defects. The extra energy, cost, and time for proper disposal of older lights add to the environmental impact.


  • Fewer Lights Needed – With a better distribution of light, less lights are needed to light up the same space as traditional bulbs. With fewer lights needed for the same amount of light, this positively effects manufacturing, energy, and waste aspects of the environment.


  • Life Span – LEDs have been known to last over ten years even with constant power! This longer life means lower carbon emissions. This allows for less manufacturing, packaging materials, and transportation of materials.

We saved our customers over 4 million kwh in 2017!

This equated to over 72,000 trees planted, 3000 tons of CO2 avoided, and 300 homes powered.

Be Environmentally Friendly with LEDs

LED lighting audits help your company move in a more eco-friendly direction. Switching to LED lighting heavily reduces energy output so that your lights do more work with less negative impact on the environment. LED lights exert more light output that outdated lights give off, and use up to 80% less electricity! Energeia is committed to keeping your facility and the awareness of your energy output out of the dark.

In addition to keeping your energy cost down, LEDs last longer and shine brighter, so you don’t have to replace them as frequently. Fewer bulbs are manufactured relative to fluorescent bulbs due to their longer-lasting output. Free from toxic chemicals that plague other lighting solutions, LED lights are a responsible solution for your lighting needs. Noxious chemicals found in other light solutions can provide a harmful work environment for your employees and make the disposal process a negative impact on the world around you.