Are you using the best electricity supplier for your business? We can help you decide!

Find The Right Supplier

If you live outside of Michigan, we can help you evaluate your supplier options and help you locate an electricity supplier that accommodates your needs and charges a reasonable rate. Sticking with a provider that overcharges can have harmful consequences on operation costs and overall business health. In or outside of Michigan, our utility bill audits can help put you in a better position financially. Once we identify where your billing issues lie, we can recommend a path forward that better meets your needs as well as get back up to four years of overcharged billings.

It's never too late to reassess your company's energy health.

Energeia helps you find the future you deserve.

Help for Michigan and Beyond

Energeia recognizes that your choices may be limited when it comes to your electric supplier in Michigan, but if you think you’re being overcharged and there are errors in your billing, it can be difficult to consider other options when there are so few options. Our evaluation services and utility bill audits can still put you in a stronger financial position. We collaborate with our customers to ensure their supplier is charging them a justifiable rate. While mostly being contingent on where your business operates in the state of Michigan, electric supplier evaluations can still be highly beneficial to ensure proper rates and eradicate discrepancies in your billing. Our services provide you with the peace of mind that no stone has been left unturned, even if you’re supplied from a small co-op or a municipal power system.