Every industry in Michigan can benefit from a partnership with Energeia!

Industries For LED Use

Energeia takes pride in providing an invaluable service across a diverse array of industries. To increase productivity, maintain safe standards for your employees, and facilitate cost-effective lighting solutions, Energeia’s LED installation service and energy audits are here to help. We pay special attention to your quality inspection areas as good lighting is essential for maintaining a high standard of production.


Industries Served:

  • Manufacturing
  • Warehouses
  • Office Buildings
  • Schools
  • Product Showrooms

- 50% -

Reduction in energy bills our clients have seen with LED installations.


For manufacturing companies and warehouses, our cost-effective LED solutions can include motion or optic sensors, so you’re not charged for energy when no one is in the building. LED’s provide more light at less than half the wattage of standard lighting solutions, and provide a less straining light to keep your team happy with their working conditions. Large buildings tend to have larger expenditures tied up in energy and they still don’t have effective lighting. Flickering lights create headaches but LED lights never flicker and can also be fine tuned for specific areas that need more or less output. Quality inspection areas or painting bays need special lighting to ensure product quality and LEDs offer proper lighting to effectively assess products.

Office Buildings:

Energeia sees a large decrease in energy costs when LEDs are installed in office buildings, new or old. Office employees experience an exponential decrease in eye-strain when working under LED’s due to reduced glare even while looking at a computer screen. LED lighting can be adjusted to preferred preferences as well as adding occupancy sensors to ensure lights are being turned off after everyone goes home for the night.


Schools in Michigan have seen many positive impacts when LEDs are installed and Energeia can get rebates of up to 1/3 of the initial installation cost for school buildings! We know how vital it is for teachers and students alike to work in an environment conducive to productivity and free from unnecessary risks that stem from non-LED lighting. Schools that have utilized our LED lighting in special daylight colors have found that students pay better attention, fall asleep less, and are being more productive in the classroom. Our comprehensive, quality-inspections ensure that the lighting we install and maintain for your facility fosters student development in a cost-effective manner.


Product showrooms with bad lighting don’t highlight your products in a positive light. LED lighting can illuminate the beauty and uniqueness of your products to establish more sales and better customer and product interaction. Regardless of what you are showing, ensure your product is receiving the light it deserves with LED lighting from Energeia.