As the only business licensed to a proprietary technology, let us help you save money on your energy!

Save On Your Energy Bill

Overbilling and financial issues can lead to confusion—Energeia provides clarity in troubling times for your company. Our comprehensive utility audit can reveal if you’re being issued a Power Factor penalty and suffering the charges that stem from outdated equipment. We’re the only company in the state of Michigan licensed to sell this equipment—when we want to help your company achieve a more cost-efficient clean-energy solution, you can be sure that Energeia is the best in the business for power factor correction and harmonics analysis.

Save 10% or more on your energy bill!

Cut down on inefficient, unclean power today with help from Energeia.

Here's How

To save up to 10% or more on your energy bill, you can elect to have a Power Cleanser added to your system.

  1. Energeia will come to your place of business and do an audit.
  2. Once enough data is gathered, we customize a quote for you based on equipment needed to optimize your energy usage and harmonic distortion correction.
  3. If a Power Cleanser is right for your business, we can help you finance it.

We work tirelessly to ensure our equipment meets your facility’s specific needs when it comes to providing clean power. Our specifically engineered software collects pertinent data to continually foster our implementation process so that our solution is exactly what you’re looking for. We know that no two companies are exactly alike, which is why our equipment is customized to your specific needs as a company. See how you can benefit, today!