Energeia wants to help you get back to stability, and we have the tools and experience specifically designed to make sure you’re in the best position for success.

Have You Overpaid For Your Energy?

To maximize your revenue, you need to minimize discrepancies. Energeia specializes in providing your company the opportunity for stronger financial stability through our utility bill auditing program. Our utility bill audits provide you with the comfort that comes with knowing that you’re paying what you rightfully owe. The steps to our audits are easy and free to you!

  1. We receive a copy of your gas, electricity, and propane bills.
  2. We assess whether or not your bill is correct or if there are errors.
  3. If there are discrepancies within your bill, we will review the opportunity with you.

Nothing stalls growth like over-payment and billing errors. Our utility bill auditing is proven to get you back on track— some of our customers have received refunds up to $14,000, putting their company in a better position going forward to manage their costs of operation.

- $14,000 -

The amount one of our customers received from a utility audit by Energeia!

Free Audits

Once we locate errors in your bill, we do all the necessary paperwork and collaborate to help you get the refund that you were overcharged. If everything is accurately billed and the rate you’re paying is fair, the audit is provided free of charge. We only collect a percentage of the savings returned if we’ve identified discrepancies and you would like us to get the excess money back to you. We won’t bill you until the money you were unjustly charged is back where it belongs—in your pocket.

Our cost-saving measures can be utilized to review statements from the last four years, saving you money that you may have thought was unable to be retrieved. We advise our clients to also be aware of your rate code—it’s easy to slip into an over-payment bind if you’re unaware of the proper rate at which you’re being billed. Our consultants work tirelessly to identify billing errors that are unjustly applied to your utility bill.