The total cost of your organization’s energy bill is dependent on a lot of variable expenses based upon usage of electricity, water, and gas.  The typical office building spends about 19% of their total expenditures on energy, and the vast majority of that cost stems from electricity.  In fact, the average office building in the U.S. spends an average of $1.84 per sq. ft. on electricity, while only spending $0.18 per sq. ft. on natural gas.

You may not realize how much control you could have over your costs, from monitoring the details of your bill to looking for errors or just upgrading equipment to more efficient designs.
Here are a few things Energeia will look for to help keep your utility bills under control.

  1. Do you track your bills? It’s amazing how many organizations perceive utility bills as an uncontrollable, fixed cost. Most of the time, no one is in charge of measuring energy performance.  Meanwhile, utility companies leave it to the consumer to make sure their bills are correct.  If you’re not checking for errors, you’ve likely overpaid at least once.
  2. Are you willing to change? As the old saying goes, “everybody has a boss,” and managers have the ultimate say on where a budget is allocated.  While you may see the benefits of a transition to LED, your organization’s CEO, shareholders, and board members may be more adamant about allocating the resources into other endeavors.
  3. Do you find value in an energy partner? Having a partner like Energeia will not only keep track of your energy expenditures but also audit your utility bills to see where you are draining hard-earned cash or missing out on cash-saving opportunities. If an error is found in your utility bill, we have the industry experience to negotiate with the utility company to get your money back. If no errors are found, they will not charge you for the service!

Are you paying too much on energy bills?

Taking control of your resources is how you win in the Energy Age. If you’re concerned that you’re overpaying on energy, contact Energeia today.  You can check out their website to see what real people are saying about their experience with Energeia Consultants!  They can help with every detail of your energy bill, including such services as utility bill audits, LED conversions, natural gas evaluations, and power cleansing.  Give them a call at (989) 430-4801 or contact them online to stop overpaying today!