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Places of learning can be found in every community. They are typically high-capacity buildings that without question have to be a safe, comfortable learning environment for students. But they cost a lot to maintain and most schools in the US still use incandescent or fluorescent lighting. The initial expense to upgrade to LED may be significant, but if a school district can significantly reduce long-term costs by upgrading their lighting to LED, it makes sense to explore the option, especially when LED lighting provides many other benefits over traditional lighting.

Promote a better learning environment

Dynamic, controlled lighting can help students learn. LED lighting can be dimmed and the shade and color adjusted to create different lighting effects in the classroom which promotes increased focus and productivity. Studies have shown that lighting can be a visual cue to children to change their behavior. For example, the lighting can be set to:

  • Normal – for regular classroom activities
  • Energy – for when children need to be more active
  • Focus – to aid concentration
  • Calm – to relax during quiet time

Better light quality

Glare and flicker from fluorescent lighting typically found in schools are not only bad for students but teachers as well. Poor lighting and hum can cause headaches, eye-strain, and be distracting. Further, flicker from fluorescent lighting has been shown to disrupt children with autism, increasing their physical discomfort and repetitive behavior.

LED lighting is healthier

Lighting is used to treat depression including Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). This usually happens during the winter months when people aren’t exposed to enough sunlight during the day and is very common in school, industrial, and office environments. Children that spend too much time in a dimly lit room can cause them to feel depressed and negatively affect their mood. That’s why bright lighting is so useful for depression treatments—it helps encourage bright and cheery moods. Who wouldn’t want to promote that in their school?

Save the planet

LED lighting is the most environmentally-friendly lighting option as they are mercury-free and all components are 100% recyclable. Retrofitting your school to LED lighting can also be a compliment to energy-saving and environmental awareness campaigns for students.

Lower energy costs

Energy is one expense that can be cut without any negative impact on curriculum or student learning. By replacing fluorescent lights with LED tubes, your school can reduce its energy consumption by 35-50 percent. This is a significant saving for classrooms, but the effect is even greater when retrofitted in hallways, lunchrooms, gyms, parking lots, and athletic fields.

The typical LED light bulb can last ten years or more without any loss of performance. Compare this to an average of 1 year for traditional lighting systems, and it is easy to see how LED lighting can save on maintenance costs.

How to make the switch

If your school district is ready to make the change to LED, or if you want to prepare a proposal to the school board or other decision-makers, here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Do an energy audit – Energeia can gather data about your school’s energy consumption and write a comparison that details the best products to use, how best to install the lighting, and how much money the school will save in the long run. This consultation is completely free and can be done within a week of the inspection.
  • Your school may be eligible for rebates – Not only can an LED retrofit qualify your school district for rebates, but our energy audit may also uncover discrepancies in how you were billed over the past few years.  We can help you recover this lost money.
  • We can suggest a phased implementation – Your district may not be able to justify a complete retrofit all at once, so our plan can divide total implementation into more manageable phases.

The opportunity to save money while also making your education facilities a more comfortable environment that is conducive to learning is rare. Energeia Consulting can help your school district make this beneficial transition, call us today for a free consultation.