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As the use of LED lighting expands and homeowners and businesses make the switch to LED, the range of benefits is growing. No commercially-available lighting can compete with LED when it comes to energy efficiency, longer operational life, and durability, but the health benefits of LED lighting are another advantage to using it over traditional lighting such as incandescent and fluorescent. LED emits light at precise frequencies which means it can be customized to specific medical applications.

Lighting affects sleep patterns – LED light bulbs can help people regulate their sleep patterns. During midday, the sun produces enough blue wavelength light stimulates alertness and activity. Later in the day, warmer color temperatures help the body produce melatonin which is needed for relaxation and sleep. A LED light source can assist by providing the optimum amount of light throughout the day.

Treatment of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) – LED lighting can simulate actual sunlight. Regular treatment with LED light therapy has shown it is possible to regulate these patterns to alleviate this condition. Light therapy has been shown to be a natural, safe, and cost-effective treatment for SAD.

No flicker means fewer headaches –  Traditional lighting, particularly fluorescent bulbs, produces a noticeable flicker and an audible hum. This contributes to headaches, and eye strain but also may contribute to cataracts and age-related degeneration.

Higher productivity – Fluorescent lighting can either be too bright or too dim which causes discomfort, eye strain, and tiredness. Research has found that LED lighting can help workers get past the mid-afternoon slump.

No harmful toxins – There is no mercury in LED lighting. In fact, they are constructed using no toxic materials of any kind which means you can dispose of them safely after they have reached the end of their useful life.

Call Energeia, and we can show you how much money you can save, how “green” your business can be, and what health benefits your guests and employees will enjoy by making a switch to LED lighting. We have a number of LED lighting solutions available to fit any use and any budget. With Energeia, you can guarantee that we’ll do everything in our power so you get the most out of your LED lighting at the cost that it should be.