Natural gas rates are mainly a product of market supply and demand. Changes over a short period, say during the autumn months when it gets cooler at night, may result in larger price changes.

Much like electricity rates, there are a number of rates the gas company can charge your home or business. There are no legal codes that obligate the utilities to determine what rate is best for you. Also, the coding and language used to determine rates for oil and natural gas are difficult to understand and detangle.

The good news is you can make sure you are being charged the correct amount each month with a free natural gas evaluation and rate audit from Energeia Consulting. What can you gain from this?

Lower bills – Once you are being charged a specific rate, the utility companies have no incentive to review and adjust if you are being overbilled. The responsibility for discovering the overcharge lies with the customer. The problem is the rates and codes themselves can only be understood by an experienced utility rate auditor, like Energeia Consulting.

A cash refund – If we find a discrepancy we will negotiate directly with the utility company to get your money back. We always look to recover as many refunds as possible and we will follow your claim from beginning to end.

A better option – if your supplier isn’t giving you the lowest possible rate, our audit will provide you with an array of possibilities for reevaluating your natural gas suppliers to get the best possible rate, so future billing will be lower.

There is no time like the present for a complete natural gas evaluation from Energeia Consulting. There are no upfront charges and the experience is hassle-free. We will fill out all paperwork and communicate directly with your gas supplier to make sure your refund is processed from start to finish. Best of all, this service is completely free to you as our fee comes out of your refund.

You risk nothing by contacting us today for a free review of your utility bills. Start saving money today and let Energeia get back what is rightfully yours!