Reduce your energy use by converting all light bulbs to LED lighting

It has been proven that companies can save as much as 25% on energy costs simply by changing all light bulbs from wasteful traditional lighting such as incandescent or fluorescent to LED technology. Now think about your facility and where this would have the most impact.  Perhaps you have several lighted stairwells or warehouse space that needs to be lit 24 hours a day. What about your parking lots or security lighting? Even office areas with row upon row of cubicles are more than likely lit by recessed lighting or rows of fluorescent lights in the ceiling. And not only are LED bulbs more energy efficient but they last longer and are more durable for outdoor industrial and commercial applications. Energeia uses LED lighting solutions for any commercial or industrial customer that is looking for an easy, long-term, efficient way to reduce their utility bills quickly.

Develop energy saving policies for your employees

When you engage your employees to be less wasteful, you not only reduce costs, but they begin to take ownership of their jobs and their role at your company. There are many simple things your energy policy can cover including:

  • Turning off non-essential indoor and outdoor lighting, signage, window displays, and any equipment not in use.
  • Turn off all decorative lighting after hours
  • Charge all battery-operated equipment during non-peak hours
  • Assess the use of lighting on non-essential areas and consider using motion sensors to only have the lights on when needed.

Energeia can help you assess your energy use and develop policies that will help your employees become more involved with reducing your energy use.

Conduct a utility bill audit

Perhaps the most cost-effective way to reduce your energy costs is to have Energeia Consultants perform a utility bill audit. Your company may have been and may still be being charged an incorrect rate for your electricity use. The only way to truly find out about these errors is to have a trained specialist make sure you are paying the correct rate. Not only is this free to you, but if your company has been paying an incorrect rate, you may even be due a substantial refund. Energeia will handle all negotiations with your utility company, fill out all paperwork, and be your main point of contact during the entire process.

When you want to cut costs, your utility bills are the first place to turn. Call Energeia Consultants today for a free consultation, and we can get you started saving money.