Your utility bills contain more information than you think. Besides information like your rate, peak hours, and average usage, you can also see who supplies your energy.  A mistaken notion that may people have is that the utility company is where your energy originally comes from. The reality is your local utility company may own the poles and lines that bring the power to your home or business, but the power itself was purchased from one of many potential suppliers in your area.

These companies are usually chosen arbitrarily, but you might be able to get a better rate and a lower overall utility bill by auditing your supplier and switching.

Before you make the switch, you might want to keep a few things in mind:

How to compare?

There are many websites that allow you to enter your zip code and some basic energy consumption information. Some won’t even require a copy of your bill to answer as it will ask about the size of your home and how many occupants you have. The most accurate information about your usage will come from your annual statement that should be supplied by your utility company or be available on their website.

Where do you want your power to come from?

This all depends on your priorities. Some users may want their energy to come from renewable sources like wind and solar energy, while others don’t find this very important. Most cities and their surrounding urban areas have dozens of power suppliers to choose and purchase electricity from. Your power will still be supplied through the same cables, it will just come from a different initial source.

What makes one supplier cheaper than another?

There are a few factors that determine how much a supplier will charge you for usage:

How close they are to where you live – It costs money for energy to travel from the powerplant, through the cables, and to your house. The further away the source, the more expensive it is.

How much energy you use – Some plans have a fixed charge while others will charge you for your usage, with more coming at peak times.

So, when I decide to use a different energy supplier, what will change?

Your expenses! You have the right to choose your energy supplier and the utility company may not be supplying you with the cheapest option or energy that comes from a renewable source.

And remember you can increase the savings further by practicing energy saving techniques like controlling the thermostat, changing to LED lighting, installing insulation, upgrading your lighting controls to motion sensors or even upgrading to a complete smart energy management system.

Your energy costs are more controllable than you think. Call Energeia consulting today for a free consultation and energy evaluation and we may be able to reduce your utilities expenses to a much more manageable level.