It’s no secret that LED lights are better for the environment, but many don’t understand why. At Energeia Consultants we work with business owners like you to save you money on energy bills and keep your business and Michigan eco-friendly. Why are led lights better for the environment? While led lighting is an essential change in many buildings, there are many other reasons to make the move to LED lights as well.


Minimize Greenhouse Gas Emissions

While incandescent bulbs don’t emit much in ways of CO₂, the gases used to develop more incandescent lights with their affinity for frequent replacement, add to the gases within our atmosphere. Other greenhouse gas emissions come from:

  • Transportation of fluorescent lights
  • Developing the parts for each new light
  • Disposing of broken lights

Because LED lights last almost six times longer than compact fluorescent bulbs, you save the planet from the development and waste inefficient lights cause.


Energy Efficient Is Environmentally Friendly and Cost Effective

When your business uses energy saving LED technology, your light bulbs save a significant percent of energy that would’ve been needed to light your building. Not only are you saving money on electricity, but the power required to farm the electricity also helps reduce carbon emissions. The Department of Energy offers tax rebates as an extra incentive to help companies take advantage of clean energy with powerful light emitting LED bulbs.


Toxic Free Design

LED lights were designed to omit the use of Mercury, a poisonous chemical used within fluorescent lights. Mercury is used in lights to help elongate the life of the bulb as well as help it cast better light. Unfortunately, this also makes fluorescent lights harmful if broken and unable to be recycled. Since LED lights have no mercury in them, when they are put in a landfill, the surrounding land and water are not polluted with the dangerous chemical.


LED Lifespan

An LED light can have a lifespan of over six-years! While most fluorescent lights may last a couple months, the advantages of using LEDs can save a business:

  • Energy bills
  • Purchase of lights
  • Less upkeep and work


As a business it is easy to see the long list of advantages LED lights can give. At Energeia Consultants we work with businesses to understand the importance of updating your lighting to the most energy-efficient solution possible. We will help audit your energy bills to ensure you aren’t being charged more than you should be as well as offer you energy and cost saving solutions to help your business save money. Call Energeia Consultants today to see how we can brighten your future.