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When you notice flickering fluorescent lights in a building, it’s not the bulb that’s gone bad, it’s actually the ballast.  The ballast regulates the current to the lamp, thus requiring maintenance and energy to power them in addition to the power that’s already going into the light source.  An advantage of our LED’s is they don’t require a ballast to regulate current.

Why Remove the Ballast?

In an LED transition, there are a few options for what to do with a ballast.  Some companies will direct fit LED lights to the ballast and just replace the light tube within.  Electricians in particular like this option as it guarantees them more work on your dime to replace ballasts in the future. Here at Energeia, we believe in giving you the most efficient results, which is why we exclusively recommend removing the ballast.  Here are a few reasons why removing the ballast is important in an LED transition.

  • Saves Money
    As stated above, ballasts take energy to power as they regulate the current to your light source.  Energy is lost as it transfers into the ballast, increasing the amount of electricity that is being used.  When you remove ballasts from the equation, your lamp wattage will be exactly what is listed on the LED retrofit.  This saves you a significant amount of energy usage on your utility bill.  Up to 20% of the lamp wattage can be consumed in the ballast.  Plus, you won’t have to pay for parts or labor to maintain the ballasts which typically only have a 3-year lifespan.
  • Saves Time
    Removing the ballast eradicates the extensive labor that it takes to maintain them. No matter what, ballasts will eventually go bad and will need to be replaced.  So, the time and expense that your facilities team would devote to these projects can be allocated elsewhere, saving your company both time and money.  LED’s should be maintenance free up to the hours they are listed to operate at, typically 50,000 hours.
  • Promotes Safety
    Anytime you work with electrical fixtures, there are safety hazards that need to be taken into consideration.  When you hire the professionals at Energeia to bypass the ballast and install LEDs, you can rest assured that all electric wiring will be installed safely and properly so you’ll never have to worry about doing it yourself.

Ready to say goodbye to your ballasts?

At Energeia, we’re ready to find the right LED replacement for you.  We want to be there with you every step of the way, so if you’re stuck using outdated and expensive lighting solutions, contact Energeia to get you headed in the right direction!